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  • State Bar of Georgia
    State Bar of Georgia
    State Bar of Georgia Interior Page Banner


    Using patented software that combines legal research with Web search, Fastcase helps busy users sift through the clutter, ranking the best cases first and enabling the re-sorting of results to find answers fast. Read More

    Conference Center

    The Bar Center is the home of the lawyers and judges of Georgia. It is their professional gathering place. As such, it is dedicated to serve all members of the State Bar of Georgia and the public through the administration of justice in the highest traditions of the legal profession. Read More


    Bar members may park free of charge, subject to space availability when visiting and using the Bar Center, in the Bar Center parking deck located at the corner of Ted Turner Drive (formerly Spring Street) and Marietta Street. (Because there are a limited number of parking spaces, free parking cannot be provided for lawyers who work in other downtown buildings.) An attendant is on site until 10 p.m. weekdays and for special events during weekends. Read More

    Services/Discounts for Attorneys

    In order to help members easily locate vendors providing legal services and goods, the Bar has compiled the following categorical list. It is not intended to be inclusive or a recommendation of any vendor. Members are advised to use their own due diligence prior to using the services of these or any other vendors. Read More

    Lawyer Assistance Program

    The Lawyer Assistance Program is a confidential service provided by the State Bar to help its members with life's difficulties. In order to help meet the needs of its members and ensure confidentiality, the Bar contracts the services of CorpCare Associates, Inc., Employee Assistance Program, a Georgia-headquartered national counseling agency. Read More

    Practice Management

    The Law Practice Management Program is a member service to help all Georgia lawyers and their employees pull together the pieces of the office management puzzle. Read More

    Insurance Offerings

    Health, dental and vision insurance offerings and professional liability/malpractice providers. Read More

    Job Resources

    The State Bar posts job listings for government agencies and judicial vacancies. Read More

    Legal Resources

    A list of legal resources by subject is provided. Read More

    Approved Banks

    Lawyers are encouraged to use informed judgment when selecting a bank. A list of financial institutions approved as depositories for attorney trust accounts is provided. Read More

    Speaker Clearinghouse

    The Speaker Clearinghouse is designed specifically for, and contains detailed information about, minority and women lawyers who would like to be considered as faculty members in continuing legal education programs and provided with other speaking opportunities. Read More

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