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  • State Bar of Georgia
    State Bar of Georgia
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    Annual CLE Requirement

    CLE Regulation operates under the Commission on Continuing Lawyer Competency and assists attorneys with keeping track of their CLE hours. It is designed to enhance its members' professional competence as lawyers. Active lawyers are required to keep current on the law by adhering to the following requirement.

    12 hours (at least 6 hours must be in-person*):

    • including 1 ethics hour
    • including 1 professionalism hour
    • including 3 trial hours (for trial attorneys)


    • Outside of your office?
    • Not with your firm, company, etc.?
    • Not on your computer

    Attorney CLE Information and Forms

    The forms for submission of courses for CLE credit are available as PDF files. Read More

    CLE Sponsor Information

    Information for CLE sponsors. Read More

    Mandatory Continuing Legal Education FAQs

    Answers to frequently asked questions regarding mandatory CLE. Read More

    Professionalism CLE Guidelines

    The general goal of the Professionalism CLE requirement is to create a forum in which lawyers, judges and legal educators can explore the meaning and aspirations of professionalism in contemporary legal practice and reflect upon the fundamental premises of lawyer professionalism–competence, civility, integrity and commitment to the rule of law, to justice and to the public good. Read More

    Continuing Legal Education Rules

    Part VIII of the State Bar of Georgia Handbook: Continuing Lawyer Competency. Read More

    Regulation Fees

    CLE providers are required to pay $4 per hour per attendee for courses held in Georgia and for online/distance-learning?courses. For seminars held outside of Georgia if the CLE provider elects not to pay the $4 per hour fee, then the attorney receiving credit for the hours will be required to pay the fee.

    Important Deadlines and Late Fees

    Your 2019 CLE requirement should be complete?by?Dec. 31, 2019. A three-month extension is provided to complete 2019 CLE requirement with no penalty (by March 31, 2020). A $100 late fee will be due if 2019 CLE requirement is not complete by?March 31, 2020.

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